Rolf Benz daybed rolf benz Aura


Where modern design meets ultimate seating comfort

Rolf Benz has over 50 years of experience in the designing of modern furniture. They are extremely attentive to the modern design of the furniture, while maintaining matching attention levels for the optimal personal seating comfort and the place and function of the furniture in the modern living room. Therefore, Rolf Benz sofas are not just pieces of remarkable design furniture, but also comfortable articles for every day consumer use.

Choose your own Rolf Benz sofa

You select the function, size and design of your Rolf Benz sofa. Would you prefer a modern sofa, lounge sofa or relax couch? Do you like soft seats, or would you rather have a firm seat? And would you like to be able to change the set-up? Have a look at which Rolf Benz sofa perfectly fits your needs.

Which style do you prefer?

  • Rolf Benz Elegance: design sofas with organic shapes. Elegance and lightness united in seating and interior design.
  • Rolf Benz Luxurious Lounge: sit back in ultimate softness and inviting shapes. For hours of relaxing leisure.
  • Rolf Benz Personal Luxury: unique sofas for unique people. Customised to your personal preferences, sizes and taste.
  • Rolf Benz Relaxing: sit back and relax! On a design recliner or couch that turns into a sofa bed.
  • Rolf Benz Pure: modern design, clear lines and choice of size, shape and seating comfort. Sofas that offer the best value for money
  • Rolf Benz Classic: design sofas that has proven to be able to stand the test of time. Innovative design combined with high class seating comfort.

Would you like to sit comfortably, lounge or relax?

  • an  extraordinarily comfortable setting position on a modern sofa like the Rolf Benz Ego
  • comfortably lay down on the lounge sofa Rolf Benz Volo
  • sit and relax on a relax couch or day bed like the Rolf Benz Mera

A big or a small sofa?

  • you will find a wonderful 2/3/4 seater in the Rolf Benz 310
  • various designs of a corner sofa can be found in the Rolf Benz Ego
  • a magnificent sofa with a long chair would be the Rolf Benz 50

Do you prefer straight lines or an organic design in your interior?

Looking for a sofa with intelligent applications and functions?

You will find all the Rolf Benz sofas in the Rolf Benz Experience Center. Often in various configurations helping you to make the best choice. The Experience Center is centrally located in the Netherlands near Amsterdam, Utrecht & The Hague.

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Rolf Benz 394 Lounge Chair Fabric


Designed for comfortable moments at home

Every single Rolf Benz chair is unique due to its modern design, its intelligent user applications and the wonderful use of materials. But perhaps, the most important part is that every Rolf Benz chair offers optimal personal seating comfort. Making it the perfect chair to sit in and relax in for hours.

Which Rolf Benz chair do you prefer?

  • Elegance: organic shapes: comfort and lightness united
  • Luxurious Lounge: for hours of relaxing and lounging
  • Personal Luxury: unique chairs customised to your personal preferences, sizes and taste.
  • Relaxing: Sit back and relax! On a comfortable chair or recliner
  • Pure: modern design and clear lines: Rolf Benz furniture that offers the best value for money
  • Classic: design furniture that has proven to be able to stand the test of time

There is a Rolf Benz chair for every occasion.

You tell us how you would like to use the Rolf Benz chair in your interior. Would you like it to be a design element which also is an amazingly comfortable seat? Do you want to be able to comfortably lay and/or sit and relax on it? Does it need to be moved or turned easily? Find your inspiration in these models.

Rolf Benz chairs bring color to your interior!

In our Experience Center we are very attentive to the colour usage and the upholstery of the Rolf Benz furniture. We offer many variations with regards to the upholstery colours and often even the legs. Therefore, your personally customised Rolf Benz fauteuils/armchairs will enrich your interior. Our sales team offers advice with the aid of extra big fabric and leather samples. And because our Experience Center enables you to make the optimal choice, you will find an even bigger collection of samples there.

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Rolf Benz Volo Loungesofa


the ultimate lounge sofa

Sit like a king or a queen on a wonderful lounge sofa. That is what the Rolf Benz Volo is all about. A couch with optimal flexibility and an extraordinary luxurious appearance. And the most important part: it will offer you the highest level of comfort that a couch could ever muster.

Design of the lounge sofa

The design makes the couch appear to float above the ground. This floating illusion is due to its elegant legs and remarkable, upholstered frame. The frame acts as a platform which holds the delightfully soft cushions of the couch.There are lots of options for the upholstery of the frame as every fabric or leather from the Rolf Benz collection is compatible with this couch. The metal legs are varnished in traffic black, umbra grey or ochre-beige.

Design Rolf Benz Volo: Labdesign 2019

The Rolf Benz Volo as a longchair, couch or big corner sofa

The modular sofa does not only provide the Rolf Benz Volo with a remarkable design, it also enables it to provide you with flexibility and nearly infinite possibilities. Important features to make this possible are:

  • many seating elements which are designed to look amazing when free-standing but also when combined with other elements.
  • tables Rolf Benz 933: whether you would like the table as a linking piece, an end piece or as a console behind the couch
  • separate pouffes that you can add anywhere and which will give the couch an open character

A lounge sofa in which you will be able to sit and relax wonderfully

The seating of the Rolf Benz Volo is extremely comfortable with its delightfully soft cushions. Cushions of which you can add as many as you would like. It also offers various possibilities to adjust the seating comfort to your own personal preferences:

  • the comfortable Lounge Plus or the even more comfortable Lounge deluxe
  • a back roll to make the seating depth just that tiny bit less deep
  • two seating heights

Tables and side-tables designed for the Volo

  • side-table Rolf Benz 933: a table with a striking table top of solid wood oak or walnut. The frame is polished and available in the same colours as your Volo. Available as a table in between the elements of the lounge sofas or as shelving behind the couch
  • coffee table Rolf Benz 932: a coffee table with an organically shaped table top and geometrical base frame (same colours as your Rolf Benz Volo). In two different heights so the tables are easily combined. The table top is in solid oak or walnut, or in grey parsol glass.
  • etagere Rolf Benz 923: besides the two tables mentioned above, Labdesign also designed the Rolf Benz 923. The Rolf Benz 923 is a remarkable etagere and is available in the same materials and colours as the Rolf Benz 933 and 932 tables.

You will find the Rolf Benz Volo and all Rolf Benz tables in the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht.

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Rolf Benz 562 Fauteuil (2)


Elegance united in sofas and chairs

Looking for Rolf Benz Furniture with round lines and a slim shape? Take a look at the:

  • sofa/ corner sofa Rolf Benz Onda
  • chair Rolf Benz 562
  • armchair Rolf Benz 594
  • or  swivelchair Rolf Benz 684

Magnificent furniture with soft curved shapes, making it easy to combine them with any interior.

Rolf Benz Onda: another sofa plan with rounded shapes

If you are looking for a Rolf Benz couch with elegant round shapes and loads of possibilities, we advise you to take a look at the Rolf Benz Onda. A Christian Werner design sofa which has been a bestseller in the Rolf Benz collection for many years.

Design: Christian Werner

Rolf Benz 562: the elegant armchair

The elegant Rolf Benz 562 chair has a stunning appearance with its organic, curvy lines and numerous possibilities. Customize your chair by choosing between:

  • a wooden or metal base frame
  • a fixed base chair or a swivel chair
  • fabric and or leather upholsteryAnd don’t let the compact shape mislead you: the chair is extremely comfortable.

Rolf Benz 562: design This Weber 2017

Rolf Benz 594: the lounge armchair

An icon with gentle curves and optimal seating comfort . You can sit on it in an upright position or snuggle up in one of the two corners. The seat is casually upholstered and the desired wrinkling effect is part of the design. The armchair is available:

  • in any of the Rolf Benz fabrics and leathers
  • a plain cover or “mix & match” option with two different covers
  • an additional stool to relax optimally
  • a wooden or metal frame in several finishes

Rolf Benz 594: design Sebastian Herkner 2020

Rolf Benz 684: the swivel armchair

There is always room for the Rolf Benz 684 in your interior. The armchair is compact and easily turns in any desired directions. It offers delightful seating comfort and is available in beautiful colours of both fabric and leather. Optionally with a matching footstool.

Take a look on our website or on (written in Dutch) for more Rolf Benz furniture with organic designs.

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Rolf Benz Dining Chair Rolf Benz 640 Rolf Benz 696 3

ROLF BENZ dining tables and chairs

for pleasant evenings that never end

Dining Furniture’s role in modern interior is getting more and more important. After all, we spend many hours at the dining table. During the day to work, to read or to relax. And at night we dine and socialise with our loved ones for hours upon hours.

Rolf Benz design in dining

But besides that, dining tables and dining chairs also have a vital design function. In the modern open living spaces, they are located in the center of the interior. The magnificent Rolf Benz Dining collection perfectly combines these two desired functions with its various Rolf Benz dining tables, made from the most beautiful materials and complemented by the most remarkable design details. And completed with Rolf Benz dining chairs that are not only extremely comfortable, but also a wonderful addition to your interior.

Discover your own style in dining

  • Elegance: design furniture with organic shapes: comfort and lightness united
  • Luxurious Lounge: dining furniture for hours of relaxing and dining
  • Personal Luxury: unique dining furniture customised to your personal preferences, sizes and taste.
  • Relaxing: Sit back and relax! Dine and linger on a comfortable dining chair, barstool or bench
  • Pure: modern design and clear lines: Rolf Benz furniture that offers the best value for money
  • Classic: design furniture that has proven to be able to stand the test of time

Rolf Benz barstools for hours of relaxing leisure

Barstools are making a spectacular come back in the modern interior. For instance for a quick bite in the modern kitchen. Or to linger and dine at the modern cooking island. Of course the barstools should be exceptionally comfortable. So you can spend the whole evening in good company with lovely food and drinks. Rolf Benz barstools are absolutely fit for the job. With a beautiful design and great seating comfort. In the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht you will find each Rolf Benz barstool. Often in several versions. Click here for the entire collection Rolf Benz barstools.

Rolf Benz benches for optimal space and comfort

How wonderful is it to spend the evening in good company on a generous dining table? On Rolf Benz benches everyone can join in and sit next to each other. Without limiting armrests that are in the way. In the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht you will find every Rolf Benz dining bench. Moreover, we display many dining tables that are suitable for dining benches. After all, you don’t want to bump your knees when you sit down at the table. Click here for the entire collection Rolf Benz benches.

Rolf Benz dining: the complete collection on display in the Experience Center

You will find the complete Rolf Benz Dining collection in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). For a complete overview you can have a look on (Dutch language).

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Rolf Benz Chair Rolf Benz 394


Lightness and softness united

The chair Rolf Benz 394 looks like a floating pillow, radiating the feeling of softness and comfort. While at the same time, the graceful forms of the chair and the light-footed modern wire frame make for a stunning design. For even more comfort, a matching footrest can be added.

Design chair Rolf Benz 394

The chair is a 2016 design by Labsdesign. It is a refined design due to its airy wire frame, which has been formed in an exceptional manner. The wire frame is available in RAL9017 traffic black, RAL 7022 umbra grey or in polished chrome.

Interior advice from our skilled experts

When you visit the Rolf Benz Experience Center, our experienced Rolf Benz experts will be able to advise you on a beautiful match of all materials and shapes. We have a huge collection of fabrics so you can make the perfect choice.

Other Rolf Benz design chairs: Rolf Benz 383/ Rolf Benz 562/ Rolf Benz 594

If you are looking for a comfortable design chair, we advise you to take a look at the Rolf Benz 383 or the Rolf Benz 562 and Rolf Benz 594 as well. These chairs have a slender design, wonderful round shapes and an unmatched seating comfort. They are the ideal chairs to snuggle up in at night with a good book. Or maybe to hide away in in front of the fireplace during the cold winter nights.

The Rolf Benz Experience Center

You will find all these chairs in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht), often even in several different versions. For a complete overview you can have a look on (Dutch website).

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Rolf Benz Liv 3 Zits Bank


Novelty 2020: Rolf Benz Liv

At the homefair 2020, Rolf Benz presented its Rolf Benz Liv. An innovative and flexible sofa landscape designed by Luca Nichetto/ Nichetto Studio. The Rolf Benz novelty playfully combines German technology and quality and Italian design. Moreover, as a modular sofa, it adjusts itself to every environment. Compose perfect design with cushions, shelving and a beautiful mix of colours and materials. Or add the matching Rolf Benz 901 coffee table or Rolf Benz 902 side table.

Luxurious voluminous cushions

The voluminous cushions express elegance and luxury. But more important: they are the perfect place to sit back and relax. Meeting up with friends and family, quietly watching a movie or catch up with the news.

Design Rolf Benz Liv 2020: Luca Nichetto/ Nichetto Studio

Numerous possibilities in seating and design

Rolf Benz Liv is a flexible sofa with customised configurations of seat cushions, sofa banks and side sections. Two seat depths, two back widths, numerious design options and integrated shelving make sure that your perfect sofa is configured flexible and according to your seating preference.

Geometric structures in a beautiful mix of colours and materials

Rolf Benz Liv has a geometric structure created by polygonal metal frames and MDF storage shelves. Available in colours like black, umbra grey and metallic marrone which can beautifully be combined with materials like naturel stone, clear (painted) glass and luxurious seat and back cushions in an endless range of fabrics and leather.

  • framework: covered with leather in every Rolf Benz colour
  • frame: metal in traffic black, telegrey 4 or sapphire blue
  • brackets (optional for armrest and shelving): covered with leather in every Rolf Benz colour
  • trays of solid wood (optional): oak, black oak and American walnut
  • shelving of solid wood (optional): oak, black oak and American walnut

Modular sofa

Each individual sofa or sofa element rests on its own framework. By combining several elements, seat cushions, sofa backs and side sections, you can create (and adjust) your own sofa landscape

Rolf Benz 901 coffee table

A coffee table was especially designed for the Rolf Benz Liv. The Rolf Benz 901Coffee table has the same geometric framework as the sofa and is available in two sizes and two heigts. The colours of the frame match with the Liv sofa. The table top is in natural stone or glass (several colours).

Rolf Benz 902 side table

In order to be able to create the perfect picture, Rolf Benz introduced the Rolf Benz 902 side table. A small, flexible companions with a convenient incorporated handle. The colours and materials match with the Rolf Benz Liv and Rolf benz 901.

All Rolf Benz novelties are on display in the Experience Center

All Rolf Benz novelties are on display in the Experience Center

You will find all Rolf Benz Novelties at the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). For a complete overview you can have a look on (Dutch language).

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Rolf Benz Beds - Rolf Benz Tondo Bed


The bedroom redesigned by Rolf Benz

Recently Rolf Benz presented a magnificent collection of design beds. As expected, the furniture stands out with its wonderful design, optimal  comfort and numerous application possibilities and functions. The bed collection includes:

  • Bedframes in various designs
  • Sleep systems: adapt the inner workings to your personal requirements
  • decorative bedroom furniture

The new bedroom collection

The new beds are suitable as standalone pieces of furniture but also fit into more complex interiors. In this way, you can put together a Rolf Benz bed and the highly successful valet stand from the occasional furniture collection. Moreover Rolf Benz designed matching upholstered benches and bedside tables.In our Experience center you find the complete collection.

Rolf Benz bedroom or lounge room?

With the new bed collection, Rolf Benz offers a relaxing setting around the clock. Designed and manufactured to stylishly accompany you through the night as you sleep. The actual Rolf Benz design bed collection exists of:

  • Rolf Benz Sono: craftmanship is expressed in the headboard with its strikingly beautiful workmanship and lavish diamond-shaped gathering
  • Rolf Benz Tondo: the loose back cushions make upright sitting exceptionally comfortable, whereas the wraparound headboard allows you to sit opposite too
  • Rolf Benz 50: a bed with elaborately crafted details

For a complete overview of our collection, feel free to have a look on (Dutch language).

Choose your own comfort

A Rolf Benz bed can be adapted to your personal comfort requirements. Do you prefer a box spring bed? Or a slatted frame made of beech with an shoulder comfort zone and adjustable mid-zone area? Both inner workings have matching mattresses with the following options:

  • quality: high quality spring core or cold foam with a 7-zone structure
  • firmness: soft, medium or firm

Redesign your bedroom

Fitting to the Rolf Benz beds, Rolf Benz has designed a collection of decorative bedroom furniture like bedside tables, bench seats and valet stands. This ensures your bedroom will become a delightful space in which you will not only want to come to go to sleep, but also to lounge and unwind.

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Rolf Benz design furniture rolf bez Nuvola


redefined by Rolf Benz Nuvola

To sit and feel like you are on a cloud (Nuvola, in Italian). That is what the Rolf Benz designteam had in mind when creating the lounge sofa Nuvola. Design furniture with modern soft-edged corners, but also a lounge sofa with incredibly seating comfort.

Rolf Benz Nuvola can adapt itself to your needs

What is special about this furniture line, is that it offers endless possibilities to combine different elements such as couches, armchairs, footstools or longchairs. Creating new layouts every single time. It is a couch without the difficult fittings and without restrictions on what you want to combine. A good addition to this couch would be some connecting elements like a big pouffe and various (connecting) tables.

design: designteam Rolf Benz 2016

Design furniture to your own liking

Besides a combination of couch and armchair elements, you can also adapt the design of your Rolf Benz Nuvola itself. You can choose between the following variations:

  • With a narrow or wide arm
  • With a short or a long armrest
  • Various back cushions: from comfortable high backcushions to small decorating pillows.
  • A wide range of fabrics and/or leather upholsteries

Looking for the optimal lounge sofa?

A big lounge sofa goes hand in hand with luxurious and comfortable seating. Soft enough to delightfully lounge and sit in. But not so soft that you can’t sit in it properly or get up easily. Rolf Benz offers you several options:

  • Two kinds of lounge comfort: Lounge Plus or the even more relaxt Lounge Deluxe.
  • Two different seat heights
  • A large selection of pillows to adjust the seating depth to your preference

Rolf Benz 987 and Rolf Benz 8770: designed for Nuvola

Especially designed for the Rolf Benz Nuvola, is the table Rolf Benz 987. You can position one or more tables inbetween two modules of the sofa, or at the end of the lounge sofa. The higher tables can be placed against the backrest to serve as a sidetable. Another remarkable design, the Rolf Benz 8770. With it round shapes, it provides the tough and powerfull couch a playful character. Click here to learn more about Rolf Benz tables.

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Rolf Benz Dining Table 965

ROLF BENZ 964/ 655

The pleasant coming together and enjoying each other’s company, the eating and drinking, the socialising. That is how we like to spend our time at the dining table nowadays. It is the new table culture in which Rolf Benz could play a big part. For instance, with the modern dining program Rolf Benz 655 and Rolf Benz 964.

Dining table Rolf Benz 964: the perfect match

A solid oak or walnut table top. Wonderfully bevelled sides. Elegant round legs of solid wood. And with a metal craquelure so delicate that the table top appears to be floating. The dining table Rolf Benz 964 is the perfect match for a chair like the Rolf Benz 655. Or the designchair Rolf Benz 600 with its organic curves.

Design: Johannes Steinbauer 2017

Dining chair Rolf Benz 655 for comfortable hours at home

A dining chair and design fauteuil all in one. With exceptional accents from the 50’s, like:

  • The subtle curves and generous upholstery of the seating shell
  • The remarkable base frame that stands out beautifully against the seating shell
  • The artisanal Cacharel pleat in the chair back
  • The possibility to mix & match with different colours and materials; for the back, interior and the Cacharel pleat

With its generous seating shell and soft upholstering, the Rolf Benz 655 dining chair provides extremely comfortable seating, making it the perfect chair to pleasantly sit on for hours.

Design: Hoffmann/Kahleyss 2018

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