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Next Saturday & Sunday (Nov 2+3) in the Experience Center

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November, you are most welcome at the Rolf Benz Lounge Experience. A festive day with special attention to all Rolf Benz lounge furniture, for instance:

On these days, experts offer personal advice on all lounge furniture. We have various gifts and promotions. Artists present their work and a Barista will serve a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Moreover, there is wine and chocolate tasting!

Personal advice by experts

Experts are present to give personal advice on the following:

  • optimal seating & interior advice by Rolf Benz representative Edwin Zeelte
  • cabinet planning: advice and design of the optimum cabinet by Hülsta expert Sigrid Segers
  • carpets: an expert is present for advice and design of your own carpet/ to produce a personal colour sample on sight

More information/ registration for an advice session

The Ultimate Lounge Experience at the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht:

  • Saturday November 2 from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday November 3 from 11 am to 5 pm

If you want to attend one of the advice sessions, please register below

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Rolf Benz Masterclasses Nl


Saturday, Oktober 12 in the Experience Center

On Saturday, October 12, you are most welcome at the Rolf Benz Masterclasses in the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht. Take a look behind the scenes of designbrand Rolf Benz and experience the admiration of traditional craftsmanship. You can participate in master classes that are given during the day:

Optimal seating (11.00 – 13.00 – 15.00)

by Anne Bergerbusch – the Rolf Benz knowledge center

Trends & design in living

by Edwin Zeelte – Rolf Benz expert for the Netherlands

Innovative interior design (10.00 – 12.00 – 14.00)

by Katinka van der Koogh – interior architect

We also present all Rolf Benz novelties and new models. Edwin Zeelte (Rolf Benz NL) will perform the festive introduction of the new Rolf Benz Addit. There are various gifts and promotions. And there is wine tasting of top wines from Baden Würtemmberg.

Register here for one of the masterclasses

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Rolf Benz Dono Outlet


Sometimes being impatient pays off

Sometimes, you just simply cannot wait to get your new furniture home. But despite your impatience, you would obviously still like to know exactly what it is that you are buying. In that case, the Rolf Benz design outlet might be just the thing for you. Beautiful design furniture, directly available from stock. Say goodbye to waiting for your furniture. And the best part? The furniture is often available for an incredible price.

Loads of furniture in the design outlet

You will definitely be able to find a beautiful piece of furniture in the Rolf Benz outlet. Looking for a comfortable Rolf Benz couch? A beautiful Rolf Benz armchair? A magnificent Rolf Benz dining table? Or incredibly comfortable Rolf Benz dining chairs? There is no way you will not be able to find something that speaks to you in the outlet. And before you know it, you will be relaxing on your new Rolf Benz furniture.

The entire Rolf Benz design outlet in showroom and online

You will find the entire Rolf Benz design outlet collection in the Rolf Benz Experience Center NL. For online orientation you can surf to (Dutch website).

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Rolf Benz Barstool Rolf Benz 650

ROLF BENZ barstool

Sitting tall on a Rolf Benz stool

What gives off a better vibe than having quality time with your loved ones over dinner at a cosy bar table in the middle of the kitchen? Especially when you have excellent barstools with great seating comfort. The Rolf Benz barstool collection has the perfect barstools for your bar table. Not only do they all have a magnificent design, they are also extremely comfortable.

Rolf Benz collection

In the Rolf Benz Experience Center you will find every Rolf Benz barstool:

  • Rolf Benz 626 (Sinus): elegant barstool with tons of possibilities
  • Rolf Benz 650: barstool with a subtle vintage look
  • Rolf Benz 651: comfortable and timeless!
  • Rolf Benz 652: barstool with a modern look and comfortable seating

Rolf Benz 651: timeless perfection

The Rolf Benz 651 barstools will give you tremendous joy and will provide you with great comfort when sitting at the bar table. This is due to its soft seat and optimal proportions between the seat and the back rest. It is available in two different heights and in every Rolf Benz fabric or leather. It is also available as a dining chair.

Rolf Benz 652: barstool for the modern living room

The Rolf Benz 652 barstool has a clean design, making it a beautiful fit in the modern interior. It also has extremely good seating comfort with its soft cushioned seat and its great proportions. It is available in two different heights and as a dining chair.

Rolf Benz 626 Sinus: a barstool with many options

The Rolf Benz Sinus has a very elegant design and offers great seating comfort. It is available with either a convex disc foot or sledge foot. On top of that, you can also choose between multiple seating heights or even for an adjustable seating height.

Rolf Benz 650: with a remarkable vintage look

The Rolf Benz 650 barstool has a very eye-catching bended wooden shell and striking legs made out of solid wood or metal. The seating can be coated in either leather or fabric. It is available in two different heights and as a dining chair.

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Rolf Benz 328

ROLF BENZ modern sofas

Clear designs, clear lines and tons of possibilities

Modern design, clear lines and a choice in size, shape and seating comfort. All Rolf Benz Pure sofas offer optimal value for money and tons of possibilities. Take a look at the Rolf Benz Pure sofas below. You can choose the Rolf Benz Linea, Rolf Benz 310 and Rolf Benz 328.

Which Rolf Benz Pure sofa do you prefer?

  • design classic Rolf Benz Linea: an armchair, sofa and corner sofa with straight lines
  • the elegant Rolf Benz 310: straight lines combined with a beautiful curved armrest. As a chair, sofa and corner sofa
  • the comfortable Rolf Benz 328: a modern sofa with a backrest in a normal or higher version. As a chair, sofa and corner sofa

You can find every Pure sofa in the Rolf Benz Experience Center NL. We usually display several versions of each model. Like a sofa and a corner sofa, fabric and leather options and different feet and seating comforts.

The Rolf Benz Linea has beautiful straight lines

A timeless piece of furniture. With a modern design and a lot of functions: as an armchair, sofa and corner sofa. And with several possibilities in terms of seat depth, seat height and seating comfort. Furthermore, the Rolf Benz Linea has the following options:

  • seating comfort: classic or soft
  • feet: in several versions and heights
  • in two depths: possibly combined in a corner sofa

The elegant Rolf Benz 310

Looking for a sofa with straight lines combined with a beautiful curved armrest. Take a look at the Rolf Benz 310. An elegant sofa, available in many dimensions: different sizes in sofas, corner sofas, armchairs and footbenches. And also very important, each sofa is extremely comfortable. Other features:

  • available in two seating heights
  • feet in several colours
  • as a chair, sofa and corner sofa (many options)

Choose a lower or higher backrest for the Rolf Benz 328

The straight lines of the Rolf Benz 328 are slightly softened by the curved lines in the armrest. You can choose for a backrest in a normal height or for a comfortable higher version. The armrest is medium high: a comfortable support for both your arm and your back (when leaning against the armrest). Other details are:

  • backrest normal or high
  • the elegant frame is available in several colours and two seating heights
  • as a chair, sofa and corner sofa
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Rolf Benz Sideboard Rolf Benz Cubo

ROLF BENZ sideboard

A beautiful way to stay organised

In the modern-day interior, the design cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture. It has a wonderful way of attracting attention to a wall or takes unwanted attention away from the wall. It is convenient for your TV and audio systems and you can stow all your belongings in them. Those are just a few of the reasons Rolf Benz came up with the design sideboard Cubo.

Rolf Benz Cubo is surprisingly versatile

Rolf Benz Cubo cabinets are surprisingly versatile. It is available in many different versions: from a lowboard to a sideboard or to a drawer-dresser. You can choose between:

  • cabinets from 50 to 75 cm high and 120 cm wide. When it comes to these sizes, various layouts are possible (doors, drawers, flaps)
  • elements of 37,5 cm high and 120 cm wide which are executed with a flap

Would you like a Rolf Benz sideboard, lowboard or cabinet?

The Rolf Benz cabinets are great to place somewhere on their own. There are small levelling feet or higher black feet. There’s always the option to combine the cabinets with each other, creating a piece of furniture that perfectly meets your requirements. Whether that’s a small cabinet, a long lowboard or a sideboard.

You can find more cabinets in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht).

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Rolf Benz Aura Daybed


Rolf Benz daybed for ever

Are you looking for a daybed which is a fit for even the most modern interiors? Have a look at the Rolf Benz Aura. The Rolf Benz Aura is a design sofa with good seating comfort, but also with various comfortable relaxing functions cleverly hidden away in the design of the sofa. Making it the perfect sofa to sit, relax and lie down on.

Design couch and daybed all in one

The Rolf Benz Aura was designed by Beck Design in 2018. It consists of a delicate and thin table top, on which luxurious cushions rest. The table top and the cushions are carried by elegantly bended legs. The table top is coated with outstanding craftsmanship:

  • veneered wood (oak or walnut)
  • leather (available in every colour out of the Rolf Benz collection)
  • natural slate

Longchair, sofa, daybed and corner sofa

The different seating elements are all namely free-standing, but can also unrestrictedly be placed against each other, or coupled with matching tables. From armchair or longchair to couch or generous corner sofa. The table top which holds the cushions has an ongoing connection through all the different elements, making it look like the cushions are floating above the ground.

Sit, lie down and relax on the Rolf Benz Aura

The relaxing functions of the daybed have been cleverly hidden away in the design. These functions enable the armchair to change into a longchair or sofa bed easily. Basically making it a sofa disguised as a spacious daybed. The Rolf Benz Aura holds the following functions:

  • adjustable armrest
  • foldable back support
  • adjustable backrest
  • extendable footrest

We demonstrate every function and possibility of the Rolf Benz Aura in the video below.

Visit the Experience Center for all the Rolf Benz sofa beds

Before you choose your Rolf Benz daybed, we advise you to come and take a look in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). The Experience Center has the Rolf Benz Aura in many versions on display, making it easier for you to make your choice. Furthermore, we also have other Rolf Benz sofa beds which you could take a look at (each one in a different design):

For more information and videos you can visit the website (Dutch language).

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Rolf Benz modern furniture Rolf Benz 629


Where tradition meets modernism

They are becoming more and more popular in the modern interior: the dining bench. And who can blame you? It offers even more comfort and brings cosiness to the table. Everyone can join a group for dinner and enjoyably sit and socialise after the meal is finished. It also looks very inviting to have such a comfortable dining bench at the table, which you can perfectly adapt to your interior. Have a look at the following Rolf Benz dining benches.

Rolf Benz 629: wonderful round shapes

The Rolf Benz 629 is an elegant dining bench with beautiful round shapes. Its frame is made out of solid oak or walnut, or from metal which can be sprayed in different colours. Design your own bench with the possibility to mix & match with different colours and materials for the back and interior. Matching with this bench are the dining chairs Rolf Benz 629.

Design 2018: This Weber 

Rolf Benz 620: from bench to corner bench!

Dining bench Rolf Benz 620 has a modern design while still offering extraordinary seating comfort. The bench is available in different sizes, even as a corner bench! Furthermore, you can choose between a sledge feet or a feet upholstered with fabric. Even when it comes to the backrest, the choice is up to you. This dining bench matches with the dining chairs Rolf Benz 620.

You will find all the Rolf Benz dining benches in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht).

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Rolf Benz Sono Bed Hocker Sfeer


rolf benz sono

A beautiful designer bed with a prominent headboard decorated with detailed diamond-shaped pleating. And with round shapes that softly hug the bed. Put some pillows in your back and comfortably sit up right. The Rolf Benz Sono is rests on dainty feet, available in traffic black, metal and ochre beige metallic.

Design of the Rolf Benz Sono

The Rolf Benz bed is a design by Beck Design in 2019. It is a design that strongly beams with a soft kind of elegance. It features great craftmanship details, like the accents in the headboard. The bedframe can be covered in every Rolf Benz fabric and leather. You could even choose to upholster your headboard in a deviant material or colour, giving the remarkable diamond-shaped pleating the opportunity to stand out even more.

Design: Beck Design 2019

A Rolf Benz bed to sleep in and relax on

The Rolf Benz Sono will transform your bedroom. No longer will your bedroom be just a place to sleep. Thanks to the comfortable high headboard, it will also be a place for you to comfortably relax or read a book. But seeing as its main function will still be to offer you great sleeping comfort, you can adapt the bed to your preferences. Choose for a:

  • Box spring bed with box spring box
  • Classic bed with a mattress and slatted frame
    • Slatted frame: a fixed frame or a motor-adjustable frame
    • Mattress: spring core mattress or a cold foam mattress (soft, medium or firm)

Rolf Benz bed Sono, other Rolf Benz beds and Rolf Benz sleep systems: on stock in our Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht)

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Rolf Benz Tondo Bank 9


The sofa designed for sitting and lounging

The Rolf Benz Onda is a lounge sofa with elegant round shapes. For smaller living rooms, simply choose Rolf Benz Onda as a single sofa or as a two-piece modular group. For larger living rooms you can combine various elements and lots of cushions. Therefore, you can create marvellous seating combinations that will make you want to sit and lounge for hours upon hours! The Rolf Benz sofa was designed by Christian Werner.

Rolf Benz sofa with a modern design

Besides that, the Rolf Benz Onda also looks very inviting. This is due to its soft curves and a chose in upholstery comfort to suit your ergonomic requirements. Make a great combination combining the various elements. You can choose for a modern sofa pouffe, a large or small corner element, or maybe think about a generously deep loungechair. There are plenty of options.

Room for your personal preferences

The Rolf Benz Onda has an elegant and round shape, offering a very pleasant seating comfort. Remarkable are the exceptional soft curving shapes and the cosy loose back rests. With these you can design your own unique sofa, lounge sofa or corner sofa in an extraordinary mix of colours and materials. From a small 2- seater to a large (corner)sofa with a lounge chair. Available in:

  • two grades of seating comfort: firm and lounge
  • various seat heights
  • the modern oval tube foot is available in matt chrome, high-gloss chrome and oak

Design: Christian Werner

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