Rolf Benz Tondo Bank 9


The sofa designed for sitting and lounging

The Rolf Benz Tondo is a lounge sofa with elegant round shapes. Every single element can be placed on its own and you can decide which cushions you would like. Therefore, you can create marvellous seating combinations that will make you want to sit and lounge for hours upon hours! The Rolf Benz sofa was designed in 2016 by Labdesign.

Rolf Benz sofa with a modern design

Besides that, the Rolf Benz Tondo also looks very inviting. This is due to its soft curves, but also due to the characteristic backrest that comes in either a low or high version. What is also very remarkable is that all the elements of the sofa can perfectly stand on their own, but they also make for a great combination when combined with the other elements. You can choose for a modern linkingpiece like a big pouffe and the high or low corner element, or maybe think about a generously deep armchair/longchair. There are plenty of options.

The Rolf Benz Tondo is a lounge sofa

Adjust the seating comfort of the sofa Rolf Benz Tondo to your preferences and the size to your available space. Choose between:

  • Lounge Plus seating comfort, or the even more relaxed Lounge Deluxe
  • two possible seating heights
  • multiple seating depths
  • lots of fabulously soft seating cushions

Rolf Benz Onda: Rolf Benz Furniture with an organic and slim design

The Rolf Benz Onda has an elegant and round shape, offering a very pleasant seating comfort. Remarkable are the exceptional soft curving shapes and the cosy loose back rests. With these you can design your own unique sofa, lounge sofa or corner sofa in an extraordinary mix of colours and materials. From a small 2- seater to a large sofa with a lounge chair. Available in:

  • two grades of seating comfort: firm and lounge
  • various seat heights

Design: Christian Werner

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Rolf Benz 629 Eetstoel Stof


Dining in elegance and style

Looking for a piece of modern furniture with organic shapes? Take a look at the Rolf Benz 629 dining chair and dining bench. A striking dining program due to its elegance and softly curved lines, but also because of its extraordinarily seating comfort. It will certainly provide you with many pleasant (or useful!) hours at the table. The chair and bench fit in well with the dining tables Rolf Benz 988 and Rolf Benz 8950.

Rolf Benz 629 dining chair

The compact dining chair will practically embrace you at the table. Making optimal use of the space both while sitting at the table and when leaving the table. Especially when you choose the dining chair with a revolving base frame.

Rolf Benz 629 bench

The round shape of the Rolf Benz 629 dining bench does not only make it an elegant bench, it also enables you to have relaxing moments at the dining table. Comfortably leaning against the backrest and with plenty of room to move around and enjoy yourself.

Modern furniture to mix and match

You can choose between a sturdy leg made out of solid wood, or a beautiful metal frame. You can also decide on the upholstery. Would you like a plain cover? Or rather a special combination of colours and materials?

Design: This Weber 2019

Rolf Benz 8950 dining table

The Rolf Benz 8950 is a dining table with organic shapes and a centrally positioned leg under the table. The table can be executed in various varieties of solid wood and in a circular or oval shape. The round shapes combine harmoniously with the dining chair Rolf Benz 629. Due to its central leg it is a great match with the Rolf Benz 629 bench.

Design: Christian Werner

Rolf Benz 988 dining table with the same curves as the Rolf Benz 629

The dining table 988 has wonderful curves which match fantastically with the elegant dining chair Rolf Benz 629 and dining bench Rolf Benz 629. A real eye catcher with its base frame, where the legs seems to be flowing into each other. Both the table top and the base frame are made out of solid oak or walnut.

Design 2018: Bodo Sperlein 

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Rolf Benz 562 Fauteuil (2)


Elegance united in sofas and chairs

Looking for Rolf Benz Furniture with round lines and a slim shape? Take a look at the:

  • sofa/ longchair Rolf Benz Rondo
  • sofa/ corner sofa Rolf Benz Onda
  • chair Rolf Benz 562
  • or  swivelchair Rolf Benz 684

Magnificent furniture with soft curved shapes, making it easy to combine them with any interior.

Delightfully lounge on the Rolf Benz Rondo

The Rolf Benz Rondo will be a great addition to both big and small living rooms. Not only is the size of the sofa completely in your hands, the shape is as well. Whether you would like a lounge sofa (sofa with a long chair) or even a corner sofa. Every part of the Rolf Benz Rondo has its own legs, making it possible for you to re-arrange the Rolf Benz furniture whenever and however you would like to.

Room for your personal preferences

Rolf Benz Rondo offers extremely comfortable seating with room for your personal preferences. You can choose:

  • two grades of lounge comfort: comfort lounge plus or lounge deluxe
  • various seat depths and heights
  • extra cushions for the arms or back offering even more personal comfort

Rolf Benz Rondo: design This Weber 2017

Rolf Benz 562: the elegant armchair

The elegant Rolf Benz 562 chair has a stunning appearance with its organic, curvy lines and numerous possibilities. Customize your chair by choosing between:

  • a wooden or metal base frame
  • a fixed base chair or a swivel chair
  • fabric and or leather upholsteryAnd don’t let the compact shape mislead you: the chair is extremely comfortable.

Rolf Benz 562: design This Weber 2017

Rolf Benz Onda: another sofa plan with rounded shapes

If you are looking for a Rolf Benz couch with elegant round shapes and loads of possibilities, we advise you to take a look at the Rolf Benz Onda. A Christian Werner design sofa which has been a bestseller in the Rolf Benz collection for many years.

Design: Christian Werner

Rolf Benz 684: the swivel armchair

There is always room for the Rolf Benz 684 in your interior. The armchair is compact and easily turns in any desired directions. It offers delightful seating comfort and is available in beautiful colours of both fabric and leather. Optionally with a matching footstool.

Take a look on our website or on (written in Dutch) for more Rolf Benz furniture with organic designs.

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Rolf Benz 988 Dining Table 629


Connecting nature with architecture

A dining table or a piece of art? Frankly, the new dining table Rolf Benz 988 is both. The table is a real eye catcher with its base frame, in which the legs seems to be flowing into each other. A striking object in your interior, at which you can spend many pleasant hours. And with its generous size, you could even invite big groups of family and friends to enjoy the beauty of this table together with you.

Rolf Benz dining table with the same curves as the Rolf Benz 629

The dining table 988 looks like it is hand made by a craftsman. It gives off that impression due to both the table top and the base frame being made out of solid oak or walnut. The table has wonderful curves which match fantastically with the elegant dining chair Rolf Benz 655 and the swivel chair Rolf Benz 640. And it would look beautiful with the dining chair and dining bench Rolf Benz 629.

Design 2018: Bodo Sperlein

Rolf Benz 8950: another organic dining table

Looking for another dining table with an organic shape? Take a look at the Rolf Benz 8950. A dining table with organics shapes and its leg centrally positioned under the table. A table which can be executed in solid oak and walnut. In an oval or circular shape.

Design: Christian Werner

All Rolf Benz dining tables can be found in our Experience Center

Dining table Rolf Benz 988, dining chairs Rolf Benz 655 and Rolf Benz 640 and Rolf Benz bench 629 are on display in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht), together with many other Rolf Benz dining tables. For a complete overview of our collection, you can visit our website (Dutch website).

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