Rolf Benz Barstool Rolf Benz 650

ROLF BENZ barstool

Sitting tall on a Rolf Benz stool

What gives off a better vibe than having quality time with your loved ones over dinner at a cosy bar table in the middle of the kitchen? Especially when you have excellent barstools with great seating comfort. The Rolf Benz barstool collection has the perfect barstools for your bar table. Not only do they all have a magnificent design, they are also extremely comfortable.

Rolf Benz collection

In the Rolf Benz Experience Center you will find every Rolf Benz barstool:

  • Rolf Benz 626 (Sinus): elegant barstool with tons of possibilities
  • Rolf Benz 650: barstool with a subtle vintage look
  • Rolf Benz 651: comfortable and timeless!
  • Rolf Benz 652: barstool with a modern look and comfortable seating

Rolf Benz 651: timeless perfection

The Rolf Benz 651 barstools will give you tremendous joy and will provide you with great comfort when sitting at the bar table. This is due to its soft seat and optimal proportions between the seat and the back rest. It is available in two different heights and in every Rolf Benz fabric or leather. It is also available as a dining chair.

Rolf Benz 652: barstool for the modern living room

The Rolf Benz 652 barstool has a clean design, making it a beautiful fit in the modern interior. It also has extremely good seating comfort with its soft cushioned seat and its great proportions. It is available in two different heights and as a dining chair.

Rolf Benz 626 Sinus: a barstool with many options

The Rolf Benz Sinus has a very elegant design and offers great seating comfort. It is available with either a convex disc foot or sledge foot. On top of that, you can also choose between multiple seating heights or even for an adjustable seating height.

Rolf Benz 650: with a remarkable vintage look

The Rolf Benz 650 barstool has a very eye-catching bended wooden shell and striking legs made out of solid wood or metal. The seating can be coated in either leather or fabric. It is available in two different heights and as a dining chair.

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Rolf Benz 328

ROLF BENZ modern sofas

Clear designs, clear lines and tons of possibilities

Modern design, clear lines and a choice in size, shape and seating comfort. All Rolf Benz Pure sofas offer optimal value for money and tons of possibilities. Take a look at the Rolf Benz Pure sofas below. You can choose the Rolf Benz Linea, Rolf Benz 310 and Rolf Benz 328.

Which Rolf Benz Pure sofa do you prefer?

  • design classic Rolf Benz Linea: an armchair, sofa and corner sofa with straight lines
  • the elegant Rolf Benz 310: straight lines combined with a beautiful curved armrest. As a chair, sofa and corner sofa
  • the comfortable Rolf Benz 328: a modern sofa with a backrest in a normal or higher version. As a chair, sofa and corner sofa

You can find every Pure sofa in the Rolf Benz Experience Center NL. We usually display several versions of each model. Like a sofa and a corner sofa, fabric and leather options and different feet and seating comforts.

The Rolf Benz Linea has beautiful straight lines

A timeless piece of furniture. With a modern design and a lot of functions: as an armchair, sofa and corner sofa. And with several possibilities in terms of seat depth, seat height and seating comfort. Furthermore, the Rolf Benz Linea has the following options:

  • seating comfort: classic or soft
  • feet: in several versions and heights
  • in two depths: possibly combined in a corner sofa

The elegant Rolf Benz 310

Looking for a sofa with straight lines combined with a beautiful curved armrest. Take a look at the Rolf Benz 310. An elegant sofa, available in many dimensions: different sizes in sofas, corner sofas, armchairs and footbenches. And also very important, each sofa is extremely comfortable. Other features:

  • available in two seating heights
  • feet in several colours
  • as a chair, sofa and corner sofa (many options)

Choose a lower or higher backrest for the Rolf Benz 328

The straight lines of the Rolf Benz 328 are slightly softened by the curved lines in the armrest. You can choose for a backrest in a normal height or for a comfortable higher version. The armrest is medium high: a comfortable support for both your arm and your back (when leaning against the armrest). Other details are:

  • backrest normal or high
  • the elegant frame is available in several colours and two seating heights
  • as a chair, sofa and corner sofa
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Rolf Benz Sideboard Rolf Benz Cubo

ROLF BENZ sideboard

A beautiful way to stay organised

In the modern-day interior, the design cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture. It has a wonderful way of attracting attention to a wall or takes unwanted attention away from the wall. It is convenient for your TV and audio systems and you can stow all your belongings in them. Those are just a few of the reasons Rolf Benz came up with the design sideboard Cubo.

Rolf Benz Cubo is surprisingly versatile

Rolf Benz Cubo cabinets are surprisingly versatile. It is available in many different versions: from a lowboard to a sideboard or to a drawer-dresser. You can choose between:

  • cabinets from 50 to 75 cm high and 120 cm wide. When it comes to these sizes, various layouts are possible (doors, drawers, flaps)
  • elements of 37,5 cm high and 120 cm wide which are executed with a flap

Would you like a Rolf Benz sideboard, lowboard or cabinet?

The Rolf Benz cabinets are great to place somewhere on their own. There are small levelling feet or higher black feet. There’s always the option to combine the cabinets with each other, creating a piece of furniture that perfectly meets your requirements. Whether that’s a small cabinet, a long lowboard or a sideboard.

You can find more cabinets in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht).

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Rolf Benz Modern Furniture Dining

ROLF BENZ modern furniture

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling

Life is busy enough as it is: balancing work, family, groceries shopping, social life. When you come home, you want to relax in an environment that makes you feel good. With colours and shapes that suit you. And, also important, the comforting thought that you have chosen for furniture that offers optimal value for money.

Pure sofas: Rolf Benz Linea – Rolf Benz 310 – Rolf Benz 328

All of this makes for us having high standards for the modern living room. Especially when it comes to the modern furniture.  Rolf Benz is meeting those high standards, with for instance their sofas:

  • Rolf Benz Linea
  • Rolf Benz 310
  • Rolf Benz 328

These are seating arrangements with clear designs, clear lines and lots of possibilities. Plenty of choice in size, shape and seating comfort. From chair or couch to corner sofa. Click here for more information Rolf Benz Pure sofas.

Rolf Benz 620/ Rolf Benz 957: modern dining

Dining room furniture plays an important part in the Modern Living room as well. A program which easily adapts to your desires and interior is the Rolf Benz 620. A modern dining chair and dining bench that come in many different styles. Combine these chairs with the Rolf Benz 957. A pull-out table which easily extends when you have extra family or friends joining you for dinner. It is a remarkable table with its mix of wood and ceramic.

Rolf Benz: master in modern furniture

Just as vital for the interior design are the smaller furniture pieces, like the coffee- or side tables. Matching with the Rolf Benz collection, Rolf Benz introduced the modern coffee table Rolf Benz 932 and side table Rolf Benz 973. Clean lines combined with magnificent shapes and colours. But rugs and other accessories are just as important. For instance, the Rolf Benz Pari. A rug made out of the natural material Tencel, known for its wonderful glow and many available colours and sizes.

Rolf Benz Pure: value for money

All Modern Furniture in the Pure collection share the same values: clear design, variety in choice and good value for money. The complete Rolf Benz Pure collection can be found on our website, (Dutch website).

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