Rolf Benz Aura Daybed


Rolf Benz daybed for ever

Are you looking for a daybed which is a fit for even the most modern interiors? Have a look at the Rolf Benz Aura. The Rolf Benz Aura is a design sofa with good seating comfort, but also with various comfortable relaxing functions cleverly hidden away in the design of the sofa. Making it the perfect sofa to sit, relax and lie down on.

Design couch and daybed all in one

The Rolf Benz Aura was designed by Beck Design in 2018. It consists of a delicate and thin table top, on which luxurious cushions rest. The table top and the cushions are carried by elegantly bended legs. The table top is coated with outstanding craftsmanship:

  • veneered wood (oak or walnut)
  • leather (available in every colour out of the Rolf Benz collection)
  • natural slate

Longchair, sofa, daybed and corner sofa

The different seating elements are all namely free-standing, but can also unrestrictedly be placed against each other, or coupled with matching tables. From armchair or longchair to couch or generous corner sofa. The table top which holds the cushions has an ongoing connection through all the different elements, making it look like the cushions are floating above the ground.

Sit, lie down and relax on the Rolf Benz Aura

The relaxing functions of the daybed have been cleverly hidden away in the design. These functions enable the armchair to change into a longchair or sofa bed easily. Basically making it a sofa disguised as a spacious daybed. The Rolf Benz Aura holds the following functions:

  • adjustable armrest
  • foldable back support
  • adjustable backrest
  • extendable footrest

We demonstrate every function and possibility of the Rolf Benz Aura in the video below.

Visit the Experience Center for all the Rolf Benz sofa beds

Before you choose your Rolf Benz daybed, we advise you to come and take a look in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). The Experience Center has the Rolf Benz Aura in many versions on display, making it easier for you to make your choice. Furthermore, we also have other Rolf Benz sofa beds which you could take a look at (each one in a different design):

For more information and videos you can visit the website (Dutch language).

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Rolf Benz modern furniture Rolf Benz 629


Where tradition meets modernism

They are becoming more and more popular in the modern interior: the dining bench. And who can blame you? It offers even more comfort and brings cosiness to the table. Everyone can join a group for dinner and enjoyably sit and socialise after the meal is finished. It also looks very inviting to have such a comfortable dining bench at the table, which you can perfectly adapt to your interior. Have a look at the following Rolf Benz dining benches.

Rolf Benz 629: wonderful round shapes

The Rolf Benz 629 is an elegant dining bench with beautiful round shapes. Its frame is made out of solid oak or walnut, or from metal which can be sprayed in different colours. Design your own bench with the possibility to mix & match with different colours and materials for the back and interior. Matching with this bench are the dining chairs Rolf Benz 629.

Design 2018: This Weber 

Rolf Benz 620: from bench to corner bench!

Dining bench Rolf Benz 620 has a modern design while still offering extraordinary seating comfort. The bench is available in different sizes, even as a corner bench! Furthermore, you can choose between a sledge feet or a feet upholstered with fabric. Even when it comes to the backrest, the choice is up to you. This dining bench matches with the dining chairs Rolf Benz 620.

Rolf Benz 624: on a wonderful solid wooden frame

The dining bench 624 is a worthy addition to your interior. Not only does the bench look elegant and clean, it also is extremely comfortably. It is a remarkable design with a solid wooden frame out of oak or walnut.

Design 2016: Silja en Norbert Beck

You will find all the Rolf Benz dining benches in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht).

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Rolf Benz Recliner Rolf Benz 50


A luxurious chair to sit back in and relax

Looking for a Rolf Benz recliner that adapts itself to you? Take a look at the new Rolf Benz armchairs from the Rolf Benz series 571-574. Recliners that can be perfectly adjusted and sized to your and preferences. Not just because of its ability to (electrically) adjust the backrest, headrest and footrest, but also because the chairs are available in different sizes and designs.

A Rolf Benz recliner with relax comfort

Shortly press one of the invisible touch sensors and your Rolf Benz recliner will glide from a seating into a relaxing or laying position, or anywhere in between. You could sit upright, with just your legs up. Or with the backrest slightly back, without extending the footrest. For extra comfort you could even adjust the headrest to your liking.

Design: Rolf Benz Designteam 2018

Extra options for even more personal comfort

For optimal comfort, you can select certain personal options. For instance, when it comes to:

  • seating comfort: a firm, medium or lounge plus (soft) seat
  • size: an armchair medium/ armchair large (extra seating depth and seating height)
  • pillows: maybe even a loose pillow for your neck and or back

A Rolf Benz recliner is a design chair for all

The armchairs have a striking swivel cross foot or an elegant swivel star foot and are available in various colours. Besides that, you can also choose between different designs. Each of them matching beautifully with certain Rolf Benz couches:

Rolf Benz 50 armchair: for subtle relaxing comfort

Looking for an armchair with subtle relaxing options? The Rolf Benz 50 armchair could be the perfect fit for you. An armchair with a high or a low back and operational relaxing functions. Delightfully comfortable and with a matching footstool.

Rolf Benz recliners 571 – 574 and the Rolf Benz 50 armchair: on stock in our Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht)

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Rolf Benz Mera


Looking for a sofa bed and design couch in one?

The Rolf Benz Mera is a sofa bed and design couch all in one! This is because the Mera does not only offer extremely comfortable functions and great seating comfort, but it also offers an extraordinary modern design. The sofa bed is available as a sofa, corner sofa and longchair.

Rolf Benz design couch

The Rolf Benz Mera has beautiful straight and clean lines. Both when it is folded in and when it is in the extended relaxing position. There are lots of options for the upholstery as every fabric or leather from the Rolf Benz collection is compatible with this couch. Moreover, its characteristic base frame is available in different colours and seating heights.

Design Rolf Benz Mera: Beck Design 2017

Rolf Benz sofa bed

The Rolf Benz Mera does not only have a beautiful design. It is also a great piece of relaxing furniture with the following possibilities:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable backrests
  • A high and low back
  • An extendable footrest

With only a few simple changes, you can turn the Rolf Benz Mera from a couch into a sofa bed. Whether it is just the one part for yourself, or whether it is the entire couch so the whole family can put their feet up. The Mera is not only available as armchair or couch, but also as a generous corner sofa.

Rolf Benz Mera on YouTube

We demonstrate all the possibilities of the Rolf Benz Mera (and Rolf Benz Plura) in the video below.

Other Rolf Benz sofa beds: Rolf Benz Aura/ Rolf Benz Plura

If you are looking for a sofa bed specifically, we advise you to come and visit our Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht. This is where you will not only find multiple designs of the Rolf Benz Mera, but also of the other Rolf Benz sofa beds such as the Rolf Benz Plura and the Rolf Benz Aura. For more information and videos you can visit our website This website is written in Dutch.

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