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Elegance united in sofas and chairs

Looking for Rolf Benz Furniture with round lines and a slim shape? Take a look at the:

  • sofa/ corner sofa Rolf Benz Onda
  • chair Rolf Benz 562
  • armchair Rolf Benz 594
  • or  swivelchair Rolf Benz 684

Magnificent furniture with soft curved shapes, making it easy to combine them with any interior.

Rolf Benz Onda: another sofa plan with rounded shapes

If you are looking for a Rolf Benz couch with elegant round shapes and loads of possibilities, we advise you to take a look at the Rolf Benz Onda. A Christian Werner design sofa which has been a bestseller in the Rolf Benz collection for many years.

Design: Christian Werner

Rolf Benz 562: the elegant armchair

The elegant Rolf Benz 562 chair has a stunning appearance with its organic, curvy lines and numerous possibilities. Customize your chair by choosing between:

  • a wooden or metal base frame
  • a fixed base chair or a swivel chair
  • fabric and or leather upholsteryAnd don’t let the compact shape mislead you: the chair is extremely comfortable.

Rolf Benz 562: design This Weber 2017

Rolf Benz 594: the lounge armchair

An icon with gentle curves and optimal seating comfort . You can sit on it in an upright position or snuggle up in one of the two corners. The seat is casually upholstered and the desired wrinkling effect is part of the design. The armchair is available:

  • in any of the Rolf Benz fabrics and leathers
  • a plain cover or “mix & match” option with two different covers
  • an additional stool to relax optimally
  • a wooden or metal frame in several finishes

Rolf Benz 594: design Sebastian Herkner 2020

Rolf Benz 684: the swivel armchair

There is always room for the Rolf Benz 684 in your interior. The armchair is compact and easily turns in any desired directions. It offers delightful seating comfort and is available in beautiful colours of both fabric and leather. Optionally with a matching footstool.

Take a look on our website or on (written in Dutch) for more Rolf Benz furniture with organic designs.

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