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A luxurious chair to sit back in and relax

Looking for a Rolf Benz recliner that adapts itself to you? Take a look at the new Rolf Benz armchairs from the Rolf Benz series 571-574. Recliners that can be perfectly adjusted and sized to your and preferences. Not just because of its ability to (electrically) adjust the backrest, headrest and footrest, but also because the chairs are available in different sizes and designs.

A Rolf Benz recliner with relax comfort

Shortly press one of the invisible touch sensors and your Rolf Benz recliner will glide from a seating into a relaxing or laying position, or anywhere in between. You could sit upright, with just your legs up. Or with the backrest slightly back, without extending the footrest. For extra comfort you could even adjust the headrest to your liking.

Design: Rolf Benz Designteam 2018

Extra options for even more personal comfort

For optimal comfort, you can select certain personal options. For instance, when it comes to:

  • seating comfort: a firm, medium or lounge plus (soft) seat
  • size: an armchair medium/ armchair large (extra seating depth and seating height)
  • pillows: maybe even a loose pillow for your neck and or back

A Rolf Benz recliner is a design chair for all

The armchairs have a striking swivel cross foot or an elegant swivel star foot and are available in various colours. Besides that, you can also choose between different designs. Each of them matching beautifully with certain Rolf Benz couches:

Rolf Benz 50 armchair: for subtle relaxing comfort

Looking for an armchair with subtle relaxing options? The Rolf Benz 50 armchair could be the perfect fit for you. An armchair with a high or a low back and operational relaxing functions. Delightfully comfortable and with a matching footstool.

Rolf Benz recliners 571 – 574 and the Rolf Benz 50 armchair: on stock in our Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht)

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