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Where design meets comfort

When looking for a design armchair, Rolf Benz will not let you down. There are the remarkably comfortable armchairs belonging to a sofa, like the Rolf Benz 50 armchair and Rolf Benz Ego club chair. In addition, Rolf Benz has design armchairs like the prominent Rolf Benz 580, the elegant Rolf Benz 384, the iconic Rolf Benz 594 and the swivel chair Rolf Benz 684.

Rolf Benz 580: a prominent design armchair

Rolf Benz 580 has a striking and prominent design with a beautiful wooden frame and outstanding, soft seating comfort. You can choose between an armchair with a low or a high back and can even combine the chair with a matching footstool. The wooden frame can either be made out of solid oak or walnut and is available in different colours.

Rolf Benz 384: armchair with an elegant design

The Rolf Benz 384 is a compact armchair and has elegant, round shapes. Due to its design, there are many ways to comfortably sit in the armchair. Whether you would like to sit up straight or with your back turned a bit. Matching very well with the armchair, is the hocker. For optimal personal comfort.

Rolf Benz 684: a swivel chair which fits well in every interior

The swivel chair Rolf Benz 684 will be a beautiful addition to any interior and thanks to its compact round shapes, it easily fits in the smallest spaces. The swivel mechanism enables the chair to turn in any desired direction, increasing the possibilities for placing the chair on the perfect spot in your interior even more.

You can find all of the Rolf Benz armchairs in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). For a complete overview of our collection you can have a look on (Dutch website).

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