Rolf Benz 641 Stoel


Engaging shape and inviting comfort

The Rolf Benz 640 and Rolf Benz 641 dining chairs offer hours on end of pleasant seating comfort while dining and socialising with your dining partners. This is due to its ample seating shell that, if desired, can be placed on a swivel base. It is remarkable with its prominent legs made out of solid wood. Or you could fit it with the subtle metal cross base.

Rolf Benz 640 for elegant dining

In the dining chair Rolf Benz 640, the priority laid within simplicity and beauty. Resulting in a chair with slender arm rests and a wonderfully upholstered seating shell. The beautiful decorative seams in the stitching of the chair are very remarkable.

Rolf Benz 641 for even more comfort

The dining chair Rolf Benz 641 beams with warmth and comfort and gives off a cosy vibe with its round shapes, generous/spacious upholstery and soft comfort. The generous upholstery on the inside creates an exciting contrast with the otherwise sleek seating shell. A mix of different colours and materials (fabric and leather) works well with this chair.

Design: This Weber

Rolf Benz dining table 969

Due to its wonderful mix of cubic and organic design, the Rolf Benz Dining Chairs are very beautifully combined with the dining table Rolf Benz 969. The table has a table top of solid oak with natural knots and cracks which are brushed and oiled. Dining table 969 has robust steel side pedestals.

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