Rolf Benz Dining Chair Rolf Benz 7800


Concentrating on the essentials

The Rolf Benz 7800 dining chair has been a prominent product in the Rolf Benz collection for many years. The chair has a beautiful design, which makes it appear to be made out of one single piece. Even the upholstery seems to be just made out of the one piece. Moreover, the chair has extraordinarily slim seams and fine lines, perfectly emphasizing the slim design of the dining chair.

Rolf Benz 7800: a dining chair with outstanding seating comfort

The dining chair has remarkably good seating comfort due to its refined construction, making it feel as if the chair moves with you in all your movements. This design enables the chair to offer you plenty of support when sitting upright at the dining table, but also when leaning back and socialising after dinner.

Other Rolf Benz dining chairs for the modern living room

Rolf Benz has many more dining chairs designed for the modern dining room. Have a look at the Rolf Benz 620 as dining chair and dining bench, for instance. Or maybe the dining chair and barstools Rolf Benz 652 and Rolf Benz 651. You can try out all of these dining chairs, often in several different versions, in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). For more inspiration, we refer you to the homepage or to our website (Dutch website).

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