Rolf Benz Dining Table 965

ROLF BENZ 964/ 655

The pleasant coming together and enjoying each other’s company, the eating and drinking, the socialising. That is how we like to spend our time at the dining table nowadays. It is the new table culture in which Rolf Benz could play a big part. For instance, with the modern dining program Rolf Benz 655 and Rolf Benz 964.

Dining table Rolf Benz 964: the perfect match

A solid oak or walnut table top. Wonderfully bevelled sides. Elegant round legs of solid wood. And with a metal craquelure so delicate that the table top appears to be floating. The dining table Rolf Benz 964 is the perfect match for a chair like the Rolf Benz 655. Or the designchair Rolf Benz 600 with its organic curves.

Design: Johannes Steinbauer 2017

Dining chair Rolf Benz 655 for comfortable hours at home

A dining chair and design fauteuil all in one. With exceptional accents from the 50’s, like:

  • The subtle curves and generous upholstery of the seating shell
  • The remarkable base frame that stands out beautifully against the seating shell
  • The artisanal Cacharel pleat in the chair back
  • The possibility to mix & match with different colours and materials; for the back, interior and the Cacharel pleat

With its generous seating shell and soft upholstering, the Rolf Benz 655 dining chair provides extremely comfortable seating, making it the perfect chair to pleasantly sit on for hours.

Design: Hoffmann/Kahleyss 2018

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