Rolf Benz 1150 Coffee Table


This Rolf Benz coffee table is here to stay

Coffee table Rolf Benz 1150 has been an important product in the Rolf Benz collection for many years. It has become a real design classic. This is due to its timeless and subtle design and the use of precious materials. The table matches perfectly with the sofa and recliner Rolf Benz 6500.

The Rolf Benz 1150 fits everywhere

Although the table was developed for Rolf Benz 6500, the Rolf Benz 1150 coffee table fits in almost any modern interior. It is available in different versions:

  • as coffee table and sidetable
  • in various sizes
  • in various materials

Discover more Rolf Benz coffee tables and inspiration on the home page or on our website (Dutch website).

The latest Rolf Benz coffee tables

Meet the latest collection of Rolf Benz coffee tables. Tables with remarkable shapes, stunning materials and/or colours. And often they are provided with intelligent extras, which will make you truly appreciate the table. Every single one of these Rolf Benz coffee tables is a true enrichment of your interior. Click here for other Rolf Benz coffee tables.

Rolf Benz 8330 and Rolf Benz 8770: round and beautiful

A series existing of coffee tables and side tables with round shapes and in different sizes. The base frames with their high design values are true eye-catchers. The same goes for the table tops, which are available in different colours and different kinds of glass, and even in ceramics: smooth Calacatta or the brushed Emperador style.

Rolf Benz 8290 and Rolf Benz 8440: with a crafty swivelling tray

The Rolf Benz coffee tables have trays which are very easy to twist around. In doing so, you can conveniently open up space for you to store some things under the table. But, possibly even more convenient, it also makes it easier for you to reach the table top and grab your drink or perhaps a snack. Both the base frame and the table top are available in different materials and colours. Envision for instance the table top of the coffee table Rolf Benz 8290 in beautiful ceramic.

Rolf Benz 8100: coffee table with smart applications

Convenience serves all. You could say the same about the Rolf Benz 8100, a table that comes to you. Getting off the couch in order to get something to eat or drink is no longer necessary thanks to the intelligent (optional) applications this coffee table holds:

  • the table rests on small wheels, making it mobile
  • the table top is optionally able to turn around
  • the table top is optionally adjustable in height

All these smart applications make it easy to turn the top table top towards you. If needed, it can even extend over the edge of the couch.

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