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ROLF BENZ dining tables and chairs

for pleasant evenings that never end

Dining Furniture’s role in modern interior is getting more and more important. After all, we spend many hours at the dining table. During the day to work, to read or to relax. And at night we dine and socialise with our loved ones for hours upon hours.

Rolf Benz design in dining

But besides that, dining tables and dining chairs also have a vital design function. In the modern open living spaces, they are located in the center of the interior. The magnificent Rolf Benz Dining collection perfectly combines these two desired functions with its various Rolf Benz dining tables, made from the most beautiful materials and complemented by the most remarkable design details. And completed with Rolf Benz dining chairs that are not only extremely comfortable, but also a wonderful addition to your interior.

Discover your own style in dining

  • Elegance: design furniture with organic shapes: comfort and lightness united
  • Luxurious Lounge: dining furniture for hours of relaxing and dining
  • Personal Luxury: unique dining furniture customised to your personal preferences, sizes and taste.
  • Relaxing: Sit back and relax! Dine and linger on a comfortable dining chair, barstool or bench
  • Pure: modern design and clear lines: Rolf Benz furniture that offers the best value for money
  • Classic: design furniture that has proven to be able to stand the test of time

Rolf Benz barstools for hours of relaxing leisure

Barstools are making a spectacular come back in the modern interior. For instance for a quick bite in the modern kitchen. Or to linger and dine at the modern cooking island. Of course the barstools should be exceptionally comfortable. So you can spend the whole evening in good company with lovely food and drinks. Rolf Benz barstools are absolutely fit for the job. With a beautiful design and great seating comfort. In the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht you will find each Rolf Benz barstool. Often in several versions. Click here for the entire collection Rolf Benz barstools.

Rolf Benz benches for optimal space and comfort

How wonderful is it to spend the evening in good company on a generous dining table? On Rolf Benz benches everyone can join in and sit next to each other. Without limiting armrests that are in the way. In the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht you will find every Rolf Benz dining bench. Moreover, we display many dining tables that are suitable for dining benches. After all, you don’t want to bump your knees when you sit down at the table. Click here for the entire collection Rolf Benz benches.

Rolf Benz dining: the complete collection on display in the Experience Center

You will find the complete Rolf Benz Dining collection in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). For a complete overview you can have a look on (Dutch language).

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