Rolf Benz Mera


Looking for a sofa bed and design couch in one?

The Rolf Benz Mera is a sofa bed and design couch all in one! This is because the Mera does not only offer extremely comfortable functions and great seating comfort, but it also offers an extraordinary modern design. The sofa bed is available as a sofa, corner sofa and longchair.

Rolf Benz design couch

The Rolf Benz Mera has beautiful straight and clean lines. Both when it is folded in and when it is in the extended relaxing position. There are lots of options for the upholstery as every fabric or leather from the Rolf Benz collection is compatible with this couch. Moreover, its characteristic base frame is available in different colours and seating heights.

Design Rolf Benz Mera: Beck Design 2017

Rolf Benz sofa bed

The Rolf Benz Mera does not only have a beautiful design. It is also a great piece of relaxing furniture with the following possibilities:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable backrests
  • A high and low back
  • An extendable footrest

With only a few simple changes, you can turn the Rolf Benz Mera from a couch into a sofa bed. Whether it is just the one part for yourself, or whether it is the entire couch so the whole family can put their feet up. The Mera is not only available as armchair or couch, but also as a generous corner sofa.

Rolf Benz Mera on YouTube

We demonstrate all the possibilities of the Rolf Benz Mera (and Rolf Benz Plura) in the video below.

Other Rolf Benz sofa beds: Rolf Benz Aura/ Rolf Benz Plura

If you are looking for a sofa bed specifically, we advise you to come and visit our Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht. This is where you will not only find multiple designs of the Rolf Benz Mera, but also of the other Rolf Benz sofa beds such as the Rolf Benz Plura and the Rolf Benz Aura. For more information and videos you can visit our website This website is written in Dutch.

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