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redefined by Rolf Benz Nuvola

To sit and feel like you are on a cloud (Nuvola, in Italian). That is what the Rolf Benz designteam had in mind when creating the lounge sofa Nuvola. Design furniture with modern soft-edged corners, but also a lounge sofa with incredibly seating comfort.

Rolf Benz Nuvola can adapt itself to your needs

What is special about this furniture line, is that it offers endless possibilities to combine different elements such as couches, armchairs, footstools or longchairs. Creating new layouts every single time. It is a couch without the difficult fittings and without restrictions on what you want to combine. A good addition to this couch would be some connecting elements like a big pouffe and various (connecting) tables.

design: designteam Rolf Benz 2016

Design furniture to your own liking

Besides a combination of couch and armchair elements, you can also adapt the design of your Rolf Benz Nuvola itself. You can choose between the following variations:

  • With a narrow or wide arm
  • With a short or a long armrest
  • Various back cushions: from comfortable high backcushions to small decorating pillows.
  • A wide range of fabrics and/or leather upholsteries

Looking for the optimal lounge sofa?

A big lounge sofa goes hand in hand with luxurious and comfortable seating. Soft enough to delightfully lounge and sit in. But not so soft that you can’t sit in it properly or get up easily. Rolf Benz offers you several options:

  • Two kinds of lounge comfort: Lounge Plus or the even more relaxt Lounge Deluxe.
  • Two different seat heights
  • A large selection of pillows to adjust the seating depth to your preference

Rolf Benz 987 and Rolf Benz 8770: designed for Nuvola

Especially designed for the Rolf Benz Nuvola, is the table Rolf Benz 987. You can position one or more tables inbetween two modules of the sofa, or at the end of the lounge sofa. The higher tables can be placed against the backrest to serve as a sidetable. Another remarkable design, the Rolf Benz 8770. With it round shapes, it provides the tough and powerfull couch a playful character. Click here to learn more about Rolf Benz tables.

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