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Where modern design meets ultimate seating comfort

Rolf Benz has over 50 years of experience in the designing of modern furniture. They are extremely attentive to the modern design of the furniture, while maintaining matching attention levels for the optimal personal seating comfort and the place and function of the furniture in the modern living room. Therefore, Rolf Benz sofas are not just pieces of remarkable design furniture, but also comfortable articles for every day consumer use.

Choose your own Rolf Benz sofa

You select the function, size and design of your Rolf Benz sofa. Would you prefer a modern sofa, lounge sofa or relax couch? Do you like soft seats, or would you rather have a firm seat? And would you like to be able to change the set-up? Have a look at which Rolf Benz sofa perfectly fits your needs.

Which style do you prefer?

  • Rolf Benz Elegance: design sofas with organic shapes. Elegance and lightness united in seating and interior design.
  • Rolf Benz Luxurious Lounge: sit back in ultimate softness and inviting shapes. For hours of relaxing leisure.
  • Rolf Benz Personal Luxury: unique sofas for unique people. Customised to your personal preferences, sizes and taste.
  • Rolf Benz Relaxing: sit back and relax! On a design recliner or couch that turns into a sofa bed.
  • Rolf Benz Pure: modern design, clear lines and choice of size, shape and seating comfort. Sofas that offer the best value for money
  • Rolf Benz Classic: design sofas that has proven to be able to stand the test of time. Innovative design combined with high class seating comfort.

Would you like to sit comfortably, lounge or relax?

  • an  extraordinarily comfortable setting position on a modern sofa like the Rolf Benz Ego
  • comfortably lay down on the lounge sofa Rolf Benz Volo
  • sit and relax on a relax couch or day bed like the Rolf Benz Mera

A big or a small sofa?

  • you will find a wonderful 2/3/4 seater in the Rolf Benz 310
  • various designs of a corner sofa can be found in the Rolf Benz Ego
  • a magnificent sofa with a long chair would be the Rolf Benz 50

Do you prefer straight lines or an organic design in your interior?

Looking for a sofa with intelligent applications and functions?

You will find all the Rolf Benz sofas in the Rolf Benz Experience Center. Often in various configurations helping you to make the best choice. The Experience Center is centrally located in the Netherlands near Amsterdam, Utrecht & The Hague.

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