Rolf Benz Volo Loungesofa


the ultimate lounge sofa

Sit like a king or a queen on a wonderful lounge sofa. That is what the Rolf Benz Volo is all about. A couch with optimal flexibility and an extraordinary luxurious appearance. And the most important part: it will offer you the highest level of comfort that a couch could ever muster.

Design of the lounge sofa

The design makes the couch appear to float above the ground. This floating illusion is due to its elegant legs and remarkable, upholstered frame. The frame acts as a platform which holds the delightfully soft cushions of the couch.There are lots of options for the upholstery of the frame as every fabric or leather from the Rolf Benz collection is compatible with this couch. The metal legs are varnished in traffic black, umbra grey or ochre-beige.

Design Rolf Benz Volo: Labdesign 2019

The Rolf Benz Volo as a longchair, couch or big corner sofa

The modular sofa does not only provide the Rolf Benz Volo with a remarkable design, it also enables it to provide you with flexibility and nearly infinite possibilities. Important features to make this possible are:

  • many seating elements which are designed to look amazing when free-standing but also when combined with other elements.
  • tables Rolf Benz 933: whether you would like the table as a linking piece, an end piece or as a console behind the couch
  • separate pouffes that you can add anywhere and which will give the couch an open character

A lounge sofa in which you will be able to sit and relax wonderfully

The seating of the Rolf Benz Volo is extremely comfortable with its delightfully soft cushions. Cushions of which you can add as many as you would like. It also offers various possibilities to adjust the seating comfort to your own personal preferences:

  • the comfortable Lounge Plus or the even more comfortable Lounge deluxe
  • a back roll to make the seating depth just that tiny bit less deep
  • two seating heights

Tables and side-tables designed for the Volo

  • side-table Rolf Benz 933: a table with a striking table top of solid wood oak or walnut. The frame is polished and available in the same colours as your Volo. Available as a table in between the elements of the lounge sofas or as shelving behind the couch
  • coffee table Rolf Benz 932: a coffee table with an organically shaped table top and geometrical base frame (same colours as your Rolf Benz Volo). In two different heights so the tables are easily combined. The table top is in solid oak or walnut, or in grey parsol glass.
  • etagere Rolf Benz 923: besides the two tables mentioned above, Labdesign also designed the Rolf Benz 923. The Rolf Benz 923 is a remarkable etagere and is available in the same materials and colours as the Rolf Benz 933 and 932 tables.

You will find the Rolf Benz Volo and all Rolf Benz tables in the Rolf Benz Experience Center in Mijdrecht.

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