The ultimate Rolf Benz experience

Welcome to the Rolf Benz Experience Center NL. The ultimate Rolf Benz experience in the Netherlands. In our center you can explore the complete Rolf Benz collection. In a showroom designed by Rolf Benz architects for the Rolf Benz collection. Sales and (interior) advise by trained Rolf Benz experts with a huge collection of fabrics at their disposal. We are centrally located in the Netherlands with (electric) parking on site.

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The first place to spot Rolf Benz Novelties

The best place to spot Rolf Benz novelties

Introduced in 2020: Rolf Benz Liv. The innovative and flexible sofa landscape designed by Luca Nichetto/ Nichetto Studio. It playfully combines a geometric appearance with luxurious voluminous cushions. Moreover, as a modular sofa, it adjusts itself to every environment. Combine cushions, shelving and a beautiful mix of colours and materials. Or add the matching Rolf Benz 901 coffee table or Rolf Benz 902 side table.

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Elegance and lightness united in seating, dining and interior design

Elegance and lightness united

Modern design furniture with organic shapes. Elegance and lightness united in seating, dining and interior design. In the Rolf Benz Experience Center you can discover our complete furniture collection. For instance the Rolf Benz Tondo. An elegant sofa with rounded shapes and comfortable soft seating. Or dining chair Rolf Benz 655 and dining table 964. The perfect match in design, elegance and comfort. With subtle curves, optimal seating comfort and artisanal materials.

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Luxury designer sofas for multifunctional use

Ultimate softness and inviting shapes

Sitting back in ultimate softness and inviting shapes. Couches, chairs and dining furniture for hours of relaxing leisure. Discover the complete collection at the Rolf Benz Experience Center NL. For instance the lounge chair Rolf Benz 394. A floating pillow, radiating the feeling of softness and comfort. Or the ultimate lounge sofa Rolf Benz Volo. A sofa with optimal flexibility and an extraordinary luxurious appearance. And the most important part: it will offer you the highest level of comfort ever for a couch.

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Unique furniture for a personal feeling of ultimate luxury

Furniture customised to your needs!

Unique furniture for unique people. Sofas, chairs and dining furniture customised to your personal preferences, sizes and taste. Take for instance the Rolf Benz Ego: a couch, corner couch or chair with a lot of seating options and different designs. Making it a great fit for practically every interior and every person. Or dining chairs Rolf Benz 640/641. Not only do these have luxurious design but the are also easily adaptable to your own taste and required sizes.

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Sit back and relax! Furniture for optimal relaxation

Furniture for optimal relaxation

Sit back and relax! On a recliner or couch that turns into a sofa bed. Or dine and linger on a comfortable dining chair, barstool or bench. Rolf Benz furniture offers you the ability for peaceful relaxation. Like the Rolf Benz 629 dining bench which enables you to have many relaxed moments at the dining table. Comfortably leaning against the backrest and with plenty of room to move around and have an enjoyable dinner. Or the Rolf Benz Aura. A design sofa with excellent seating comfort, but also with various comfortable relaxation functions cleverly hidden away in the design of the sofa. Making it the perfect sofa for sitting on, relaxing and laying down on.

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Pure design with clear lines and lots of possibilities

Design furniture offering het highest value for money

Modern design, clear lines and the choice of size, shape and seating comfort. Rolf Benz couches, chairs and dining furniture that offer the best value for money. Like the Rolf Benz 310: an elegant sofa with perfect seating comfort which is available in many dimensions, colors and sizes. Dining chairs Rolf Benz 651 and 652 that easily fit in every modern living room. Or the armchair Rolf Benz 384 or swivelchair 684. Both colourful, with rounded shapes and ultimate seating comfort.

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classic furniture with innovative design and comfort

Classic furniture items that stand the test of time

Design furniture that has proven to be able to stand the test of time. Innovative design combined with high class seating comfort. Take the sofa and recliner Rolf Benz 6500. Designed in 1985 by Mathias Hoffmann. But still a bestseller in the Rolf Benz collection, Or the ultimate design chair Rolf Benz 7800. A striking product within the Rolf Benz collection for many years. With an everlasting design. Or the Rolf Benz 322: a classic sofa designed by Anita Schmidt in 1987. With its characteristic cast aluminium legs and fluttering high arms.

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sometimes being impatient pays off

Rolf Benz Design Outlet

Sometimes, you just simply can’t wait to get your new furniture home. But despite your impatience, you would obviously still like to know exactly what it is that you are buying. In that case, the Rolf Benz design outlet might be just the thing for you. Beautiful design furniture in stock and available for direct delivery. Say goodbye to waiting for your furniture. And the best part? The furniture is often available for an incredible price.

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