Rolf Benz Classics 6500

ROLF BENZ 6500 design couch

The ultimate Rolf Benz Classic

Rolf Benz 6500 is a design classic that is indispensable in the modern living room. Designed by Mathias Hoffmann in 1985. But still highly topical. The success of the sofa is probably its timeless design: both robust and sleek. This design fits into any interior. And that for so many years.

Ultimate seating comfort

An important factor for the success of the Rolf Benz 6500 is undoubtedly the ultimate seating comfort. Have a look at the following features for the sofa:

  • the backrest  can be adjusted in lower and higher position
  • the extra seat cushion provides optimum support for your back
  • you can choose from two seat heights
  • the seat of the sofa has a comfortable, down-like filling.

The Rolf Benz design couch is available as a 2-seater and 3-seater.

Rolf Benz recliner 6500

Matching the design of the sofa, Rolf Benz designed an armchair: the Rolf Benz 6500 recliner. The recliner has great seating comfort, just like the 6500 sofa. And it has the same timeless design. The armchair however is fitted with a relaxed tilting function. When you sit down and lean against the backrest, the recliner adjusts itself into a relaxed position. Put your feet up on the matching ottoman and you will never want to get up from your Rolf Benz recliner again.

Rolf Benz coffee table 1150

In addition to the sofa and chair, Rolf Benz introduced coffee table Rolf Benz 1150. Its design compliments the Rolf Benz 6500 perfectly. You can choose from a coffee table in several sizes or a side table.

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