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Sitting tall on a Rolf Benz stool

What gives off a better vibe than having quality time with your loved ones over dinner at a cosy bar table in the middle of the kitchen? Especially when you have excellent barstools with great seating comfort. The Rolf Benz barstool collection has the perfect barstools for your bar table. Not only do they all have a magnificent design, they are also extremely comfortable.

Rolf Benz collection

In the Rolf Benz Experience Center you will find every Rolf Benz barstool:

  • Rolf Benz 626 (Sinus): elegant barstool with tons of possibilities
  • Rolf Benz 650: barstool with a subtle vintage look
  • Rolf Benz 651: comfortable and timeless!
  • Rolf Benz 652: barstool with a modern look and comfortable seating

Rolf Benz 651: timeless perfection

The Rolf Benz 651 barstools will give you tremendous joy and will provide you with great comfort when sitting at the bar table. This is due to its soft seat and optimal proportions between the seat and the back rest. It is available in two different heights and in every Rolf Benz fabric or leather. It is also available as a dining chair.

Rolf Benz 652: barstool for the modern living room

The Rolf Benz 652 barstool has a clean design, making it a beautiful fit in the modern interior. It also has extremely good seating comfort with its soft cushioned seat and its great proportions. It is available in two different heights and as a dining chair.

Rolf Benz 626 Sinus: a barstool with many options

The Rolf Benz Sinus has a very elegant design and offers great seating comfort. It is available with either a convex disc foot or sledge foot. On top of that, you can also choose between multiple seating heights or even for an adjustable seating height.

Rolf Benz 650: with a remarkable vintage look

The Rolf Benz 650 barstool has a very eye-catching bended wooden shell and striking legs made out of solid wood or metal. The seating can be coated in either leather or fabric. It is available in two different heights and as a dining chair.

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