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The perfect choice when looking for personal design

For over 15 years, the Rolf Benz Ego has been the perfect solution for people that are looking for a unique sofa. A couch, corner couch or chair offering perfect seating comfort. But at the same time, furniture that is very adaptable to your personal preferences regarding sizes and seating comfort.  The Ego has a lot of design options, making it a great fit for nearly every interior.

Design Rolf Benz Ego 2019: Edgar Reuter

The Rolf Benz corner sofa Ego is modern and cosy

Rolf Benz Ego is often the perfect choice when looking for a corner sofa. Whether you choose a clean design or a model with cosy curves, you will always sit together pleasantly. There will always be room for you to comfortably sit, relax or even lie down.

Rolf Benz Ego: always based on your preferences and available in many different sizes

Feel free to design your own Rolf Benz Ego? You decide:

  • Design: various side sections, feet designs and elements
  • Measurements: various sofas, corner sofas, lounge sofas, footstools, chairs and recliners
  • Seating comfort: 3 comfort grades from firm, medium to lounge
  • Seat depths/ seat heights: various seating depths and heights for shorter and taller persons
  • Relax functions: optional relaxing functions like adjustable headrests and extendable footrests
  • Upholstery: more than 200 fabrics and over 100 leather coverings available

You will find the Rolf Benz Ego in the Rolf Benz Experience Center

In the Rolf Benz Experience Center we display many versions of the Rolf Benz Ego. Several sofas, corner sofas, chairs and recliners. Each one in a different design, comfort level and shape. This will make it easier for you to make the right choice. For more information you can already take a look at (Dutch website).

Other corner sofas you can personally design: Rolf Benz Cara and Rolf Benz Vida

When you visit our Experience Center, have a look at the Rolf Benz Cara. A sofa with elegant shapes and countless possibilities to adjust the design and seating comfort while at the same time staying special with its many relaxing options hidden away in the design of the sofa. And take a look at Rolf Benz Vida: a sofa with a lot of personal options. The Rolf Benz Vida is very popular as a corner sofa too.

For the Rolf Benz Cara and all its relax functions: take a look at YouTube:

Coffee tables matching the Rolf Benz Ego

The coffee tables that are designed especially for the Rolf Benz Ego:

  • coffee table Rolf Benz 8710 with a metal frame that is an exact match to the frame of the Ego
  • table Rolf Benz 985: clean lines combined with magnificent materials like solid wood and real stone veneer

Find out more about Rolf Benz tables.

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Rolf Benz Couch Rolf Benz 50 Relax


A couch to fall in love with

A couch to fall in love with instantly – that’s Rolf Benz 50. The result of more than fifty years of experience with craftmanship and spectacular design by Rolf Benz. A seating plan with ultimate seating comfort, intelligent relaxing functions and a timeless beautiful design, both as a couch or a corner couch and an armchair.

Design of the Rolf Benz couch

The Rolf Benz 50 is another design by Beck Design. It was designed following the 50th anniversary of Rolf Benz and as a tribute to the Rolf Benz Addiform from 1964: the very first Rolf Benz concept couch which gave a new meaning to the living room interior. The couch has a timeless design and is enriched with various artisanal details. For instance, a new kind of folded and quilted seam, splendid crafted flat fell seams and a distinctive base frame.

From Rolf Benz couch to Rolf Benz corner sofa

Just like the Addiform, the Rolf Benz 50 has many variations, for instance when it comes to the floor plan. From a small couch with separate armchair, to a big sofa with a longchair. And from a corner couch in the classic set up to a retro corner couch with a linking table in magnificent nature stone like Breccia Pernice or Graphite brown.

Perfectly sitting and relaxing in the Rolf Benz 50

The Rolf Benz couch has a generous, lounge-like shape. For optimal comfort you can choose any of these other features:

  • two different seating heights and (for couches only) two seating depths
  • two comfort levels: the comfortable lounge comfort or the extra relaxed lounge plus
  • a relax function (optional): for more relaxed seating comfort
  • adjustable back cushions: for optimal head support and for adapting the seating depth
  • matching armchairs and recliners

A Rolf Benz armchair matching with the couch

Perfectly complimenting the Rolf Benz 50 couch, is the Rolf Benz armchair. This armchair is available with a high and low back. For optimal relaxing comfort, choose for a relaxing mechanism and a freestanding footstool.

Rolf Benz 50 couch and armchairs: on stock in Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht)

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Rolf Benz Armchair Rolf Benz 580


Where design meets comfort

When looking for a design armchair, Rolf Benz will not let you down. There are the remarkably comfortable armchairs belonging to a sofa, like the Rolf Benz 50 armchair and Rolf Benz Ego club chair. In addition, Rolf Benz has design armchairs like the prominent Rolf Benz 580, the elegant Rolf Benz 384, the iconic Rolf Benz 594 and the swivel chair Rolf Benz 684.

Rolf Benz 580: a prominent design armchair

Rolf Benz 580 has a striking and prominent design with a beautiful wooden frame and outstanding, soft seating comfort. You can choose between an armchair with a low or a high back and can even combine the chair with a matching footstool. The wooden frame can either be made out of solid oak or walnut and is available in different colours.

Rolf Benz 384: armchair with an elegant design

The Rolf Benz 384 is a compact armchair and has elegant, round shapes. Due to its design, there are many ways to comfortably sit in the armchair. Whether you would like to sit up straight or with your back turned a bit. Matching very well with the armchair, is the hocker. For optimal personal comfort.

Rolf Benz 684: a swivel chair which fits well in every interior

The swivel chair Rolf Benz 684 will be a beautiful addition to any interior and thanks to its compact round shapes, it easily fits in the smallest spaces. The swivel mechanism enables the chair to turn in any desired direction, increasing the possibilities for placing the chair on the perfect spot in your interior even more.

You can find all of the Rolf Benz armchairs in the Rolf Benz Experience Center (Mijdrecht). For a complete overview of our collection you can have a look on (Dutch website).

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Rolf Benz 641 Stoel


Engaging shape and inviting comfort

The Rolf Benz 640 and Rolf Benz 641 dining chairs offer hours on end of pleasant seating comfort while dining and socialising with your dining partners. This is due to its ample seating shell that, if desired, can be placed on a swivel base. It is remarkable with its prominent legs made out of solid wood. Or you could fit it with the subtle metal cross base.

Rolf Benz 640 for elegant dining

In the dining chair Rolf Benz 640, the priority laid within simplicity and beauty. Resulting in a chair with slender arm rests and a wonderfully upholstered seating shell. The beautiful decorative seams in the stitching of the chair are very remarkable.

Rolf Benz 641 for even more comfort

The dining chair Rolf Benz 641 beams with warmth and comfort and gives off a cosy vibe with its round shapes, generous/spacious upholstery and soft comfort. The generous upholstery on the inside creates an exciting contrast with the otherwise sleek seating shell. A mix of different colours and materials (fabric and leather) works well with this chair.

Design: This Weber

Rolf Benz dining table 969

Due to its wonderful mix of cubic and organic design, the Rolf Benz Dining Chairs are very beautifully combined with the dining table Rolf Benz 969. The table has a table top of solid oak with natural knots and cracks which are brushed and oiled. Dining table 969 has robust steel side pedestals.

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